Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I'm back...Been a little while

Been a little out of routine and I am not even sure if I have my faithful followers any more. But there is only one way to find out. If you are reading this, I know you are there, and if you are so willing, please leave a personal note by clicking the arrow on the right side of this message. You know you want to do it. So just do it.
My last entry was mid July and so much has happened since then. I have been to South Africa for a little business and pleasure trip and it was really tremendous to see old friends and make new ones as people try to get to grips with the new me.
On a positive note, I managed to watch my complex diet and I really behaved myself as much as possible. I only ate minimal and after a two and a half week adventure, I lost .5 of a kilogram. I guess I could have lost more, but who can say no to a Horlicks milkshake from the "Doll's House". For those of you who are not familiar with Horlicks or the "Dolls House", you will just have to take my word for it. For those of you who do know what I am talking about, please place your tongues back in your mouths.
So I am finally back in the swing of things. Culturally and physically it was hard getting back into things after returning form South Africa, yet I a back at my school, in the new position of Vice Principal and so far so good. At least I am back to a regular eating pattern and best of all, I am back to exercising on a regular basis.
My last visit to the doctor and dietician showed my that after 6 months, I am starting to even out with regard to weight loss and it seems that this is where I will be for the next while, which is good. I really do not want to lose too much.
So in the words of this advert, and no that is not me or doesn't look like me yet, I am back. My late dad was very fond of the aftershave, so in tribute to him and to let you know that...I have returned

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