Saturday, 7 July 2012

A funny thing happened

I was out with my staff the other night and one of the husbands of a teacher that I have been working with for years didn't recognize me. He thought I was a younger teacher's husband. Ha that was a very nice compliment. The last few days have been hard to keep a routine with the food and the heat has not been easy on me. I need to drink at least two litres a day and some days it just is near to impossible to reach that limit. If I was asked what is a negative of this operation I would clearly say that I can't take a glass of water and gulp it down. That is probably not healthy to do so anyway, but still, I miss it and to drink two liters in small sips is very difficult. My son is away at a camp this week so we went to visit him today and he is doing very well. So I am as I wore his pants today to visit him. Not to show off, but more to wear some pants that didn't fall off me. I am going on Tuesday to the dietician to get updates and weighed. Will keep you posted?
Remember the gulping days?

Maybe it's better that I don't remember those days. Sip glorious sip

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