Saturday, 23 June 2012

End of the financial year

I remember my late father would say that he is very busy now as it is the end of the financial year. What it meant exactly I didn't know then yet I knew that I should stay clear as Dad was busy. Well I use this analogy as it is the end of the school year and boy am I busy. End of year plays, graduation ceremonies, parties, reports and the list is endless. So to celebrate this part of the blog and the fact that I have over 3000 hits in under three months, I want to share with you a clip my son produced. He wrote the song and adapted the music. He is mocking his Russian sports teacher in a good way.

Winding down has its benefits and one of them is certainly the holidays are just around the corner. I am going to South Africa for business and hope to have a bit of p(leisure) there as well.
Quite excited for that.
On the health front, in light of current weather, I have not been walking daily, it has been too hot. The good news is that I have lost around 22 kilos and it goes to show that I was just to big. I was carrying over 20 kilo's just like that. I feel so much better for it all and I only hope and pray that I can keep these amazing habits that I am trying to get used to.
I was offered cake and biscuits a few times this week and I blatantly said that as much as I could physically eat those things, I just do not want to fall back into those habits. I will succeed. I have to succeed.
Finally, thank you to all the people that continue to leave real live messages by clicking on the link on the right side of the page. It means a lot to me.
Have a great week

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