Sunday, 17 June 2012

Am I still married?

Funny, I sit here and I try to think of a suitable title, inspirational at least but nothing comes to mind. That was yesterday. I decided not to carry on and hence (although you do not know this) I am carrying on today.
So this is a funny story. I arrived at school to find that my wedding ring was missing. I thought that maybe my loss of weight meant that the ring just fell off. I was a bit worried but my wife found it at home, next to my bed when she came back from school. I vaguely remember subconsciously taking it off during my sleep. Weird!!!!
So yes I have lost a lot of weight but not enough to have my ring fall off with out me knowing.
So the sms read as follows...."We are still married...I found the ring". What a relief. Must be careful. If it happens again, I may be sleeping on the couch.
Had some friends over for the weekend and it was nice catching up on past times. For me it's doubly nice when someone sees the new me as opposed to the old me.
Yesterday  I added more running and last walking to my exercise and man it felt good. Today is 36-40 outside so no walking for me.
So the diet and the life is going according to plan. Looking very forward to the holiday that is due in the next few weeks.

Here is the pic of the day for today.

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