Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Out of sync out of mind

Before the op, I never really thought that I would be up and running so quickly. But I am happy to report that I am doing just that. Yet the busier I am, doesn't really mean I should forget about stopping the routine to eat. I have been trying to eat as regularly as possible. I physically cannot eat quickly and or drink quickly. Yesterday I was very thirsty and I tried to sip a lot of water and I felt really nauseous. But I quickly rectified that and returned to taking small sips. Tried to be clever and learnt. Just that I was rather thirsty. The last few days have been so hot. At least the pool is open and is rather refreshing to swim om my new Speedo. And no, they are not Speedo scants, rather Speedo briefs and I look damn fine in them. I have put the running and walking on slow burner because I am doing that anyway on a smaller scale and it is just too hot.
So it looks like I am going to study next year. I am going to do a Masters in Education connected to technology at the Seminar Hakibbutzim. I am sending my forms in tomorrow. I am just waiting for one last document from the Ministry of Education.
I have my three months check up next week and I hope my diary will be changed a little. I am interested to see what the next stage will bring.
You are probably asking how come I have time to write... Well the English group is on a hike for two days, I miss them yet it gives me time to catch up on my regular life. So it is on this day that I end off with some British Humour. 

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Been so busy

So I have been so busy with my English guests I haven't had a minute to blog. That doesn't mean I don't think about blogging. I miss the regular days where I had time to sit and reflect through this lovely blog. I shouldn't complain. If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't do it. I don't just enjoy it, I love it. It is so nice to bridge communities and here we are bridging children of 11 years old and it is a lot of fun. The kids are getting along so well and it is a pleasure and a joy to see them interacting and enjoying their time together. This is only for ten days and then I can get back to an eating routine and exercise regiment. I have been unable to do this as my time has been irregular.
I am blessed in that I enjoy what I do and I get up everyday with a purpose, be it to fulfill my tasks for the day (work) or fulfill my culinary project (my new being).
Everyday people that haven't seen me in a while comment on how different I look and how great I am looking. I really feel great and I guess I must be doing something right.
It is still strange when I see myself in a video and I do not recognize my new body or I glance at myself in the mirror and I am positively shocked at the change.
I have to get up early to climb a mountain tomorrow, so that is all from me now.
Will post some pics next time.
I feel I deserve a bit of Frankie here. Shavuot Sameach

Monday, 21 May 2012

I can see them and you can't

Howdy folks. Well without a doubt the nicest comments come from the people that haven't seen me for ages, since before the op. I had a woman walk right past me today and then scream in a controllable manner that she didn't recognize me at all.
Another funny thing happened today. I arrived at school to be told that I look good in white. I had another teacher tell me that ever since I lost weight, I look pale in white. So I decided that I will ignore both comments and dress for me. I get dressed in the morning, look in the mirror and get dressed for me, and of course heed the comments of the loving wife. She knows best.
So what is the title of today's blog all about...the comments left on my special comments page. You cannot believe how happy it makes me to read the comments that you leave me. The comments are private and really beneficial. It is the only way I know who is reading my blog and what you think. So keep it up. Just follow the arrow to the tick on the right side of the page and leave your remark there.
 I can't reply to you, but know that I read it, over and over again and it is really nice.
So for those of you who know me well know, that at this time of the year I am very busy hosting a group of young kids from England. So if my updates are a little sporadic, please understand that I am doing what I love to do, I am busy, I am being and staying healthy and I will write whenever I get the chance.
Can you believe that the year is nearly over and the summer is nearly upon us.
The pool on out Kibbutz is opening this week. Now I can show off my Speedo.
Tomorrow we are expecting a heatwave - What joy!!
Have a great evening.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Not acceptable for an English Teacher

I just realized their is a spelling mistake in a certain picture. I won't bring your attention to it because you may have missed it, but it is there and too much of a hassle to change. Had an amazing weekend, decided last minute to go camping with friends to a beach way up North. Best decision we could have made. You may ask what is the connection to my blog. Well it was full of firsts.
1) First time I am swimming since the operation (not that it should be a problem)
2) First time I was away from home for a full day at least which meant specific dietary requirements like at home. This worked well without a hitch.
3) First time I bought a bathing costume (suit). I deserve to be fashionable.
4) First time I don't have to take diabetic related medicines with me and make the whole weekend about that.

So it was a very successful weekend for all 4 "firsts".
The other day I was filmed in a video at school. I normally do the videoing but this time I was in front of the camera. The camera filmed me in action and I have to say that I didn't recognize me at first. How weird is that?
The best news of this last week is that the doctor told me whatever you do, do not give up the exercise. He said that the exercise is very NB. So tomorrow it's back to basics with the exercise. I am excited about that. Jogging up and down the beach today was fun. Felt like I was in Baywatch, and no, not the beached whale in the background. Thanks Jen and friends for a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to the next one

Clearer updated pic and a surreal pic of me on the beach.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The time is right - before and after pics



Still the same person, yet very different outlook, The shirt and pants are borrowed as I change my weight weekly. Feeling great and really makes a difference. We went out to a restaurant to celebrate the PIL's anniversary. (PIL = Parents in law). It was a pleasant evening and I ordered Shakshuka. As my daughter said, with all due respect, you can't order anything else. So Shakshuka is a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoeschili peppersonions, often spiced with cumin.  It is believed to have Algerian and Tunisian origins. So all that I could stomach,  is now in my stomach and it was very delicious. We finished the meal and concluded that there was a time where we would eat starters, fizzy drinks, main course and dessert. That is how I got to the before picture. I want to be at the after picture for the rest of my life. One really does not have to eat so much to survive, and even more to stay healthy. One has to eat correctly. Here is to good culinary choices and a happy anniversary to the PILS

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Past the 2000 mark

Over 2000 page views. I am a somewhat celeb. Or maybe just people are interested in what I have to say. I know it would be an invasion of privacy, but sometimes I would just like to know that real people are looking at my pages and not page views generated by same search bot. Well yesterday a friend of mine kindly brought this from Canada. 
 And if I tell you, I am in heaven. I was told by my dietician that peanut butter is too oily. Well this is powdered peanuts, salt and sugar and I just add water. best be careful becasue the sugar content is high. But if I have a wee little bit I am sure it is OK. It is really the bees knees. Wonder why something should be compared to a knee of a bee...
Anway, that interpretative dance that I put in my last post was a part of an improvisation program called Fast and Loose by the creator of Whose Line is it Anyway - Dan Patterson. Well I have been watching full episodes and they are very funny, very very funny indeed.
As with me, life goes on and still receiving comments and new nicknames. I am still fitting into clothes my children wear for baggy wear.
Life is good and once upon a time I said change was good. Well, so far so good.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

I just had to do it

So last night, we celebrated with the nation by lighting a huge bonfire and sat around (from a distance) and watched as the sparks grew and the potatoes cooked. It was a lot of fun to be outside, with friends and eat freshly cooked potatoes from the fire. And then I just had to it. I had to go for a rulk. You may ask what a rulk is. The spell checker has no idea.. It is a run and walk. The nutritionist said to cool it but I cannot. It just makes me feel so good and healthy. Can't be something wrong with that. So I am losing weight still ,yet I am feeling so great. Don't stop me know!!! I'm having such a good time...La la la
So I did it and do you know what else. I am down to two digits. Ain't that grand. So it is off to have some mid morning cheese and tomato on crackers. I will try and continue this blog later. In the mean time, and if you have time, look up interpretative dancing on Youtube. There are some funny guys out there.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Me and my Shadow: Even my shadow has lost weight

I say this because I didn't recognize my shadow today. I said that is not me. I still behave like a fat person. I sit with my arms crossed over my stomach and I sit down gently into a plastic chair for fear that something may happen, you never know what. I remember breaking a chair on one of my dates. Highly embarrassing. My date (and her parents) obviously forgave me as she is now my wife and they are my pils...(Parents in law). But it takes time to get over those kind of habits. So for those of you have been asking, I have lost about 15-16 kg's. That is a lot even if I say so myself. And...I am feeling great. Haven't exercised for two days and I am missing it lots. So tomorrow I will be at it again. My doctors will have to think of another plan. I enjoy the exercise. They will have to think of some other idea if they think I am losing too quickly.
Other then that, I am moving forward towards my half Sabbatical next year. Went for an interview today and I like the idea that I will be studying par time next year. Exciting.
So have a great day, night or any time that this blog entry catches you.
I leave you with this lovely little video

Friday, 4 May 2012

Say what? I don't understand

I am a little confused. I went to see the dietitian this week and she told me that I am doing very well. I have lost about 35 percent of my body weight which amounts to 16 odd kg's. So I asked her if that is not too much in one month. She tended to agree with me. Then she mentioned (which is the confusing part) that I should not exercise so rigorously. Say what? For years I have been told to exercise and do sport. Now that I am fully into it, you tell me to cool it. I an confused. So much so that since then I have not exercised. I await the doctor's orders. I am meeting the doc in a month and I will speak to him about out. On the forum I asked if one could lose too quickly and the general answer was that I will lose at my own pace and eventually level out.
So the good news is that she told me I could start eating chicken legs with my puree or rice. The bad news is that I tried to eat a chicken leg today. Let's just say it didn't make it all the way down. The least said the better.
So I will will not rush into chicken legs just yet. I will stick with my meatballs for a while. Truth is I have enough in the freezer for a few weeks.
Check out this cool calender application

I do not know any of these people. I just copied the application. So to sum up this blog, I am going to continue exercising and eating properly because that is what makes me feel great about myself. It also means I get to walk with my wife and we spend quality time together. So na na na na to the advice I was given. I am gonna follow the doctor's orders. There...I am less confused. 
P.S. For the people that are reading this blog for the first time...You know who you are...Well I hope you enjoyed this post and please remember to check back every so often. You never know. There may be a few more surprises for you.
Have a great weekend...just relax, and keep your cool

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I am apologizing for the break. I know that some of you are regulars. I have been busy at work and I haven't got round to blogging. It is a good thing because I don't think about the sleeve 24/7. I have been handling the eating plan very well and I have added to my cooking expertise. I have successfully mastered Tuna Mousse and I made a killer cottage pie on the weekend. (Killer in taste and not in calories). Mostly due to the fabulous spices that I have recently acquired from South Africa. Thanks to my brother for organizing that.
So tomorrow I have another dietitian appointment and I hope that my menu will become more solid and less liquid. Although I cannot complain as I am really enjoying eating and the foods that I am eating are really good, soft and tasty. I still find it hard to digest eggs in any form. I would imagine raw egg would be easy to digest, but there is no way I am even gonna try that.
The vitamins are being taken as ordered by the dietitian and the huge pill that I had trouble with before is now swallowed with ease.
I missed my walk today for two reasons.
1) I fell asleep this afternoon as I went to bed late last night. I was watching the end of a TV series and it was a double episode (Breakout Kings)
2) I wanted to get up tomorrow and walk so I didn't want to overdue it. My body was tired and I had a hard day at work. Please forgive me body?
So things are under control and I am slowly losing weight. I have been through three scales. I unfortunately bought a cheap model and returned it two weeks later because the *&*%^*&(% thing stopped working. And it is not because I am overweight. This happened three times. So last night I took the *&^*&( scale back, added a bit more money and invested in a more expensive machine. Lets hope I can get through the next few weeks without replacing it.
So have a great day, a great week.