Sunday, 31 March 2013

New Pictures, New Beginnings

I have wanted to post in this blog for a long time and I have no excuse. I am back from a period of absence for a number of reasons.
1st official reason is that I celebrated my year anniversary. I received a lovely message from the forum that I belong to. Here is a copy of it.

"Congratulations, Howie!
How have you been?
Can you believe that it was just 12 months and one day ago that you were still a pre op at your old weight? Perhaps that seem like just yesterday or perhaps it seems like eons ago. In any case, I hope your experience has worked as well as you had wanted it to, and that you are enjoying the new you."

The 2nd reason and perhaps the more important reason is that I have been through so much this year, I think it is time to sum up and see where to from here. The last few weeks have seen a drop in motivation and a slight rise in weight. Let me out put it out there in Black and White. I will NOT return to being overweight, diabetic and lack of energy. I have since been to the doctor and he said that it is normal to slip back into the old habits once the stomach is a little bigger. 
I am still eating properly according to the dieticians requests. I have since joined a gym and I aim to go to the gym three to four times a week. 
All of what is written above is all very good and well if it were exactly true.
That is where you come in, you being the blog and the people that are my trusty listeners. You do not have to do much, just listen and be there. This is the difficult stage and I cannot and WILL NOT get back to old habits. The temptations are there. The chocolates, nuts and cakes are still there. When I couldn't eat these things it was easy to say no. Now I have to just say NO!!

Last night I spent the better part of an hour reading my blog and I was and am so positive about the whole process. I can already feel the good hormones kicking in saying Come on Howie, You can do it!

So it is with this in mind that I say, yes I can get back on track, time to get serious and get myself back in line. 
Thank you in advance for all the support. I am going to blog more regularly now, so look out for it...if you are interested.

Have a great week

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I'm back...Been a little while

Been a little out of routine and I am not even sure if I have my faithful followers any more. But there is only one way to find out. If you are reading this, I know you are there, and if you are so willing, please leave a personal note by clicking the arrow on the right side of this message. You know you want to do it. So just do it.
My last entry was mid July and so much has happened since then. I have been to South Africa for a little business and pleasure trip and it was really tremendous to see old friends and make new ones as people try to get to grips with the new me.
On a positive note, I managed to watch my complex diet and I really behaved myself as much as possible. I only ate minimal and after a two and a half week adventure, I lost .5 of a kilogram. I guess I could have lost more, but who can say no to a Horlicks milkshake from the "Doll's House". For those of you who are not familiar with Horlicks or the "Dolls House", you will just have to take my word for it. For those of you who do know what I am talking about, please place your tongues back in your mouths.
So I am finally back in the swing of things. Culturally and physically it was hard getting back into things after returning form South Africa, yet I a back at my school, in the new position of Vice Principal and so far so good. At least I am back to a regular eating pattern and best of all, I am back to exercising on a regular basis.
My last visit to the doctor and dietician showed my that after 6 months, I am starting to even out with regard to weight loss and it seems that this is where I will be for the next while, which is good. I really do not want to lose too much.
So in the words of this advert, and no that is not me or doesn't look like me yet, I am back. My late dad was very fond of the aftershave, so in tribute to him and to let you know that...I have returned

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Hot Hot Hot and then some

It's so hot, I wish I was cool
Perhaps I should go for a dip in the pool
We must limit our current, for a week or two
The electricians in the city don't know what to do
To go  outside now, I must be a fool

How is that for a limerick for you on this "Warm" Saturday morning. The last few days have been sweltering hot and it looks like that will continue for the next few days. The good news is that from Wednesday I am flying to Winter so I will be cool. The bad news is that I am not sure that this world has seen the end of extreme heat. What will we do when the air-conditioners can't cool.
Well gladly this is not the topic of my blog and I return to healthy eating issues. I had my monthly checkup and I have lost 62% of my excess weight. (Ha didn't know I had excess weight). Anyway I have lost around 24kg. (53 pounds)  Can't find them anywhere. And happily so. The dietician was very pleased with me. The menu stays the same, with little additions here and there.
Excited for my trip to South Africa. I am not sure what kind of Internet I will have there if at all. So bear with me of I only update in a week or two.
Looking forward to cooler weather and as for now...a dip in the pool.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

A funny thing happened

I was out with my staff the other night and one of the husbands of a teacher that I have been working with for years didn't recognize me. He thought I was a younger teacher's husband. Ha that was a very nice compliment. The last few days have been hard to keep a routine with the food and the heat has not been easy on me. I need to drink at least two litres a day and some days it just is near to impossible to reach that limit. If I was asked what is a negative of this operation I would clearly say that I can't take a glass of water and gulp it down. That is probably not healthy to do so anyway, but still, I miss it and to drink two liters in small sips is very difficult. My son is away at a camp this week so we went to visit him today and he is doing very well. So I am as I wore his pants today to visit him. Not to show off, but more to wear some pants that didn't fall off me. I am going on Tuesday to the dietician to get updates and weighed. Will keep you posted?
Remember the gulping days?

Maybe it's better that I don't remember those days. Sip glorious sip

Sunday, 1 July 2012

It's official...I've been promoted

Today I was called to the Ministry of Education as I applied for a promotion. The school's inspector and principal called me in to interview me. To cut a long story short, I have been appointed as the Vice Principal of the best primary school in the whole world. The school that has been my home for the last twenty years. I am honored to serve the staff and principal as the her vice.
I love it when a plan comes together.

And of course, thank you to all the people that continue to shower me with praises and encouragement. It all helps, believe you me.
So I am very proud of myself. I do not mean to blow my own trumpet but I can be proud of me.

Friday, 29 June 2012

3 month surgiversary

Not sure what you call it but yesterday Jen brought my attention to the fact that it was exactly three months. Three brilliant months where life has showered me with positiveness and I have lapped it up. Sure, I have been looking for positives all over and I have found them. I cannot believe that I have had only had this changing body for three months, yet it has had such an amazing affect on my life and I am truly blessed right now.
Since the op I have lost 24-25 kilos, lost my diabetes and all the dependencies on medicine to combat diabetes and that is the main reason for doing the op. I have arrived at a situation that I only dreamed about, a situation where I can sit at a restaurant, order food and have a little something to eat. One doesn't need to have a three course meal every time. So we are certainly saving money by not frequenting restaurants like we used to and our monthly grocery bill is a lot less.
Tomorrow, being holidays and all, I am gonna sit back and read my blog after the past three months and I am sure I will glow with pride at my achievements. (which will include updating a blog on a semi regular basis)
So for the first time in my life, I salute myself on a job well done and I look forward to the next few months to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
And for those of you who do not know how to do it properly, here is an instructional video.
Have a good weekend

Saturday, 23 June 2012

End of the financial year

I remember my late father would say that he is very busy now as it is the end of the financial year. What it meant exactly I didn't know then yet I knew that I should stay clear as Dad was busy. Well I use this analogy as it is the end of the school year and boy am I busy. End of year plays, graduation ceremonies, parties, reports and the list is endless. So to celebrate this part of the blog and the fact that I have over 3000 hits in under three months, I want to share with you a clip my son produced. He wrote the song and adapted the music. He is mocking his Russian sports teacher in a good way.

Winding down has its benefits and one of them is certainly the holidays are just around the corner. I am going to South Africa for business and hope to have a bit of p(leisure) there as well.
Quite excited for that.
On the health front, in light of current weather, I have not been walking daily, it has been too hot. The good news is that I have lost around 22 kilos and it goes to show that I was just to big. I was carrying over 20 kilo's just like that. I feel so much better for it all and I only hope and pray that I can keep these amazing habits that I am trying to get used to.
I was offered cake and biscuits a few times this week and I blatantly said that as much as I could physically eat those things, I just do not want to fall back into those habits. I will succeed. I have to succeed.
Finally, thank you to all the people that continue to leave real live messages by clicking on the link on the right side of the page. It means a lot to me.
Have a great week